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By Rob Baer | December 6th, 2012 | Categories: Uncategorized

Well it is that time of year again, and what’s better to give-away right now than FIVE Holiday Shopping Sprees?!!

To help promote our BIG Black Friday sale (details soon), we’re  giving away a prize pack worthy of the plumpest of Thanksgiving Turkeys, FIVE Holiday Shopping Sprees to the Spikey Bits Online Store!

The biggest of the FIVE shopping sprees, will be awarded to the best model entered in our Thanksgiving Hobby Contest (see below).

BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL…. Not so handy with converting and paining? That’s okay! We’re also giving away FOUR Twenty dollar sprees to the store as well, so you can still win something shiny!

*Update* 11/27 Since the blog is still having issues, and we’re swamped with Black Friday stuff, I am extending the contest until December 15th! So you still have some time to submit an entry!

Want your chance to win? Checkout the details below!

Are you excited yet?!! Okay here’s how it works. We going to do another hobby contest and give-away all in one.

All you have to do for a chance to win the $100 shopping spree is submit an original miniature done by yourself, following the contest rules criteria below.

I’ll upload batches of photos into an Album on Spikey Bits’ Facebook where you can go vote for your favorite by “liking” the photo.

Then I’ll choose a winner based on a combination of popular vote, and the opinions of the Spikey Bits’ staff (including myself).  Of course having more “votes” will get your picture noticed quicker, and is never a bad thing!

The winners will be chosen around the end of November / beginning of December. So be sure to check back often for updates to the contest etc.

The other FOUR $20 shopping sprees will be chosen randomly (or as randomly as I can do it with the FB interface) from among people who have commented on our Facebook!

That’s right all you have to do for a chance to win one of the FOUR other prizes is comment on any of our posts this month on our Facebook Page! The more comments you post, the more chances you have to win!

Ready to get started? Read all the contest details below, and then shoot us your picture (or make sure you like us on Facebook, and comment this month)!

Contest Details (read carefully please)

Contest Subject: To participate in the hobby contest, just send us a good picture of any ONE Warhammer 40k VEHICLE MODEL- basically anything with a armor value is acceptable! So you can submit any model from the lowly Trukk all the way up to a mighty Titan even!  All that matters is that you assembled and painted it, and it fits the contest criteria.

Why must it be a vehicle you ask, cause it’s TANKSGIVING baybe!

Judging Entries: What were looking for (judging wise) from the model is about 3/4ths conversion quality or uniqueness, and about 1/4th actual painting ability.  Plus like I said above, having more votes will help you too.

This isn’t a painting contest, but to enter your model HAS to be painted.

Submit your model: Included somewhere in this picture MUST be a physical print out (preferably color, but old grey scale is okay too) of the SPIKEY BITS HOLIDAY SHOPPING SPREE LOGO (see opposite, and linked previous).
This isn’t a painting contest, but to enter your model HAS to be painted.

One entry per person please!

To enter please EMAIL US (rbaer0002@gmail.com) your picture, with the following subject line: Free Holiday Shopping Spree Contest (that way my inbox can digest the forthcoming deluge of images).

LISTEN UP PLEASESorry but any entry not containing the contest logo as a print out in the picture frame itself (see above), correct subject line, or is sent unpainted, not via email, etc… will be ignored until such time the entry is submitted properly. 

DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK ASKING ABOUT YOUR PICTURE. If it was submitted correctly, rest assured it will get posted when I get a decent sized batch of pictures submitted.

It seems like every contest one in every two entries has been ineligible mostly because no one is taking the time to print out the logo and take a new picture of their mini. There has to be a physical printout of the logo in the picture to enter your mini. So please take your time with this 🙂

VOTE NOW:  Entries will be up on Spikey Bits’ Facebook,  so go vote for your favorite by “liking” the photo.

So that’s it, pretty simple, and I would imagine a ton of you can enter pretty easily!  

The contest is now open, summit your entry NOW!

Don’t forget we also have in stock and ready to ship all of the new Chaos Releases (for 20% off even) over on our webstore here.

Good luck to everyone, show me the pictures!!! -MBG 

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