Rumor of the Week; White Dwarf Flyers Update

By Rob Baer | January 15th, 2013 | Categories: News / Rumors

With the Dark Angels releasing over the weekend, you may have missed the latest rumor mongering about whats slated for release in February.

Supposedly its not demons, or Tyranids, it’s a splash flyer release, which to me at least is way more believe-able that the two previous rumors.

Remember kids, these are just rumors

From Faeit

February’s White Dwarf is not going to be focused on Daemons. Nope. The way this rumor came in gives me quite a bit of confidence in its accuracy. Enough to say that this is an internal leak would be a better description of the information.
So what are we getting….. Flyers!!!!!! Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Tau, and Eldar.
I am going to assume that with this rumor, it means that daemons are a February pre-order with a March release as many rumors have been claiming. 
This rumor has me all excited to see what is done with aerial battle and the new flyers. I want to give the source a huge thanks. He/she really made my day/week/month. 
via an internal Games Workshop source
Next White Dwarf will feature aerial battle using campaign of fire rules and NEW flyers

Tau receive a flyer and data sheet for it.  Fast attack choice. Armor 11 all around. Non tau pilot. Looks like a manta ray flying backwards.  Bs 4 super sonic. S6 ap4 missiles. Off center gun heavy 6 str 5 ap 4 twin linked or single small blast Str 8 ap 2. 

Eldar flyer and data sheet for it. Very similar stats to dark eldar flyer has missile lock, has distortion missiles.smaller fighter looks like elongated vyper.

The harpy for tyranids. Nothing to note. Not a dual kit.  
The final surprise.  A fourth flyer.  The long awaited dark eldar bomber.

Flyers and Deamon Waves
Whether or not the next White Dwarf is Daemons or Flyers doesn’t matter much to me. The highlight for me is that its two months of 40k that gets me all excited. Yes, I am drooling a little bit on the next flyer wave, but waiting a month is OK.

So from sources it does look like we will be seeing that elusive flyer wave we have been waiting for  so long to see. If you have been following the rumors this week, the rumor mill was saying that it was either this coming month or next month (probably March) that we will get the flyers. I like it especially since it seems that we will be getting an insert or data sheet on the new units. So fingers crossed the Harpy gets some new update from the current codex.

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