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Greetings fellow wargamers!  A few months ago the latest version of the Chaos codex was released and the newly named Helbrute was dropped in our laps.

With the relatively low cost of the Dark Vengeance boxed set, the market was flooded with these outstanding new models.

You can pick one up from just about every bits vendors in the world for about $10 bucks! 

Considering that you can grab 3 of these for the price of one GW Dreadnought, I can understand readily enough why the market was flooded with sellers offloading their old dreadnought, even the beautifully sculpted ForgeWorld Dreadnoughts that see little use on the tabletop.

I’ve converted quite a few of these at this point.  When the model hit the market, I was one of the first in line with my clippers and razor saw ready to hack these models up and try to upgrade them with power scourges, lascannons, and the like.

This is hardly the first time we’ve been hired to vamp up a dreadnought.  Check out some of our previous work.  We also had a great time destroying a dreadnought in the name of a Daenyathos diorama a few months ago!   

Point being we have a lot of experience cutting up dreadnoughts.  So when folks starting unloading their old unpainted dreadnoughts on ebay, we snatched up a few while the snatching was good! First up this Tzeentch dreadnought.  I’ve always liked the looked of the Tzeentch sarcophagus, but I definitely wanted to throw some more dakka into my army.   Dreadnoughts are basically huge walking weapons platsforms, so live it up! 

The missile launcher was a simple Havoc swap, while the custom reaper autocannon incorporates bits from a Robogear model kit.  I used the same technique for the Hydra dreadnought, below.

Since I had a few spare power fits from the aforementioned helbrutes, I was quick to try to incorporate one back into this FW model.  I think overall it looks pretty good and with a little paint it’ll blend nicely. 

This chaplain dreadnought is another favorite of mine.  A dreadnought with litanies of hate?  Sign me up!  I also love that a dreadnought can incorporate a Flamestorm cannon, so I knew I had to give it a go!  I got these spare flamestorms from the Blood Angels Baal predator.

http://www.spikeybits.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/imDIaRT-ePLSpLrVjqDK0VqQ-.jpgFor the CC weapon, I went with a power scourge, simply because I liked the idea of a penitent dreadnought that flayed itself for all eternity.

You think the priest in DaVinci Code had it bad, imagine one of these guys and what self mutilation will do for his reputation with the techpriests.

They’ll be working overtime to keep that powerplant working!

So in summary, just because those helbrutes are so cheap, DON’T discount the dreadnought.  For the money it’s much easier to convert, it’s classic, and there’s something nostalgic about those walking tombs.

For those just tuning in, my name is Caleb and I am the owner of White Metal Games, a miniature conversion and painting service in Raleigh NC.

If you are interested in commissioning a model, contact me at [email protected]  We offer a full range of services from custom conversions, painting, terrain, consignment (for your old must get rid of models), and more!


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