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Well all good things must come to an end, and the same can be said for this contest as well.

First off let me thank everyone for their hobby entries, as we had over 150 different entries for this contest!

So if you have a hot minute be sure to checkout the Free Dark Angels Codex Album over on Facebook, for a great look at some amazing minis!

Also thank you for your patience as we get back on track around here from the huge Warriors of Chaos and Magic Gatecrash Releases- I think from now on all contests are going to end mid month when I have more time to deal with judging them.

We’ve chosen our winners from all of the photos over on the contest album on Facebook, and from our pool of “likes” on there as well.

If you didn’t enter shame on you! It was as easy as clicking a button (Checkout all the details here on our contest rules page)!

So here they are,  the winners of the Dark Angels Hobby Contest and Giveaway!

This awesome Necron Dreadnought Walker wins the Hobby Contest side of things!

Below are the random winners from the other random ways to win, by liking or following our other media outlets.

Spikey Bits Newsletter Da Codex #1

[email protected]  Anthony  Peever 

Facebook Da Codex #2 Richard Pickles

YouTube Da Codex #3 Alex Court

Comment on the Blog Da Codex #3 Troy Cleary

So for you winners, Whomever did the Walker above send me an email from the address you submitted it with, and for all you lucky random winners please message me on Facebook or via You Tube, or I guess in Troy’s case email me as well rbaer0002 @gmail.com

Winners- when you contact us- please first make sure you are registered on the Spikey Bits Web Store, and then message me with your full name and mailing address (that you registered on the Spikey Bits Store), so we can put together an order for your FREE codex.

Thanks to Everyone Who Entered! 

Want your chance to win?

We pull winners from our social sites!  Here’s all the links to keep up with us on the web (and maybe win something shiny too)!

Want the inside scoop on freebies? We always announce our new contests via our Newsletter, so make sure you get on the list for that when it goes out so you can get a head start on our next contest!

Don’t forget we have the all new Dark Angels and Warriors of Chaos for sale as well.

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