Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion: All Plastic Doom

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Necron Destroyer Lords are cool looking models and in tabletop 40K games they’re also a fun addition to an already nasty close combat unit like Canoptek Wraiths.

Unfortunately, Games Workshop still does not make an all polystyrene plastic Destroyer Lord. They do still sell the old formerly metal upgrade bits in Finecast and they certainly look good, but with all the great looking plastic parts from the current wide variety of Necron multi-part kits there are good alternatives to having to super glue resin parts to your Necron Destroyer to make a Lord out of it.

Here’s how I built mine without those fragile and expensive Finecast upgrades. Hopefully this will give people some ideas for creating a unique Necron Destroyer Lord of their own.

First, take a look at all the cool leftover parts in your Necron kits. There are many to choose from and the conversion possibilities are endless. This is how I started, I glanced at the bits I had from my Necron Lychguard, Necron Deathmarks, Canoptek Spyders, Canoptek Wraiths, etc. and picked out bits that I thought would add something characterful and unique to my Destroyer Lord. Of course, if there’s a bit you want and you don’t own the kit buying just the Necron bits you need is also an option.

Most of the bits I used for my Destroyer Lord come from the Lychguard/Triarch Praetorian set. There are pictures of many of the bits used below. In cases where I used a specific bit from a range or cut and used only part of a bit I have sometimes circled it in red.

I combined parts from the Necron Lychguard Hyperphase Sword and Necron Lychguard Warscythe to create a unique Warscythe head. I used the staff with only one hand modeled on it for the weapon shaft. These three parts are shown below.

I wanted my Destroyer Lord to have a Tachyon Arrow weapon on his left arm. I used the Triarch Particle Caster and replaced the two side projections with parts cut from a Lychguard Dispersion Shield to create that.

I used a Necron Immortal head and added a tall headdress to it using a bit from the Triarch Rod end.

The torso of the Destroyer Lord is made from a Praetorian torso. The Resurrection Orb in his left hand is made from bits cut from an extra Praetorian torso.

All of this was built with just modeling clippers, a modeling knife, plastic cement and a little imagination. The finished model can be seen in the three photos below. All that remains is to put some scenic material on the base. I’ve come up with a fun, fast way of doing thematic bases for Necrons that I will feature soon in another article.

This model was especially fun to build for me because the modeling was quick and easy to do yet the end result is filled with my own unique vision that makes my Destroyer Lord different from all the others out there. Combined with my small unit of three Canoptek Wraiths he gives them a lot of extra power in games. He also adds that epic look and feel of a monstrous character leading terrifying creatures into battle that makes putting models on the table a bit cinematic.

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