East Coast Apocalypse Big Game III at Spikey Bits!

By Rob Baer | March 7th, 2013 | Categories: Apocalypse 40k, Warhammer 40k

Loken over at 40k Apocalypse posted this article up promoting the latest location to host the Apocalypse Big Game III, and its none other that FTW Games, the home of Spikey Bits.

Give it a read, and if you live within driving distance to Richmond Va, we’d love to see you then!
Don’t forget we’ll have armies for players to use, so if you ever wanted to bring a friend into the game that has no models, this is the time to do it!

By Loken, From Apoclaypse 40k:

Rob Baer is a force in gaming.  He started the whole “bits” craze, sold it to The War Store, went to work for them, then left and started his own game store in Virginia, FTW Games in Midlothian, VA.  He loves the hobby and now is going to host a game in The Big Game III.

Well, now Rob’s store will be host to a game in The Big Game III, March 16th.  Here is Rob’s announcement on the Apocalypse40K Forum:

Come one, come all THE BIG GAME III Apocalypse Battle.
March 16th 2013 at 10 AM at FTW games (the home of Spikey Bits)
If you don’t have enough stuff or you don’t have painted models come by anyways. We will have tons of BIG painted models for you to play with! If you do happen to have a painted army please make up a 3000 point list for us to set as base to work from when everyone shows up.  Super-heavies, and gargantuan creatures will be issued after we decide on sides to help balance things out!
Only stipulation is Painted models only folks! If you need pointers or suggestions on paint schemes or techniques before then, any of the FTW staff would be happy to help you!
We also plan on having a slew of Chaos and Eldar Super-Heavies on hand for players to use as well!
Don’t miss out this one guys, we haven’t had an Apocalypse game like this in awhile!
Checkout our previous apocalypse battles here 

So make sure if you live in the area, you join in.  Rob’s store is one of the best in the country, so a great place to bring your forces to play in The Big Game III. 

The FTW Games website is here.

The awesome Spikey Bits blog is here.

And Spikey Bits is on Facebook here.

Or call them at 804-464-1873!

For more information on The Big Game III, join the Apocalypse40K forums.

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