Gamer Voodoo- Sacrificial Dice!

By Master Shake | March 10th, 2013 | Categories: gamer rituals, Master Shake, Warhammer 40k

Welcome to a new segment on Grotzilla! where I discuss certain things people do to improve there game in an unusual manner (or so they think).

I mean cause our gamer rituals are all very scientific and have of course been proven to work, most of the time.

To kick it off, I’ll post up what I do with my dice….

Every couple of years or so my dice decide it’s prudent for them to roll incredibly poorly. It’s about that time I start thinking that the dice are under the impression that they can “do what they want!”.

When that happens, it’s time for a sacrifice for all the dice to watch. Notice the ritualistic facings of the surrounding dice. Mistakes were made, and it’s time to teach some dice a lesson.

Oh and enjoy the Dork Tower poster too, it’s a hoot! -Master Shake

The first time…

The second time…

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