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Hey folks!  I have been working as much as I can lately to keep up with the Dark Eldar army for Adepticon.  

Nearly all of the army is assembled and waiting to be painted.  One such unit was my Grotesque gang!

I was experimenting with a few different materials on this unit, testing things out that will eventually be featured in one of the miniature painting videos.

Not just blood, but that ‘inflamed’ look that you see where grafted parts meet skin, etc.  It wasn’t the easiest unit to start off with, as there were lots of Finecast anomalies in the casting.

I settled on a few basic colors… and determined what would be glowing, glossy, etc.

I did do some conversions on these to make them slightly different from one another.  You will see that on the Aberration.

I started out by using GW ‘Adrcoat with a lot of my effects, but that was running low, and I had several other types of gloss varnish that I wanted to try.  In the end, I settled on some Coat D’Arms gloss varnish.  I am sure that Vallejo would have been fine as well.
I have more experiments yet to go!

I gave this unit a Raider so that they might actually get into combat without being wiped out by all the shooting that’s out there these days.  That has not made much of a difference so far in the tests I have conducted.  I had hoped that being the one high toughness multiple wound units in the army would make them more of a distraction from the squishier stuff.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the converted Aberration.  I used a bunch of leftover Cronos bits.  This one was the worst in terms of miscasting, hence all the replaced parts!!

The Aberration painted…

And a few shots of the bases.  The concept behind the army is that they are really a Kabal of racing teams.  They are attacking an Imperial world that has a really cool hippodrome!  This world is being defended by a chapter of space marines called the Legion of the Broken Sword.
That force is mostly assault troops and other fast attack choices, so that they would be a better foil to the Dark Eldar, which are mostly Reaver jetbikes, Venoms, Razorwings, and so on.
I want to have several duels between the bikes and the jump marines.  Many of those hapless marines will be getting sliced and dices by the bladevanes on the bikes.  Others will be strapped to the Venoms as Grisly Trophies.

Here is the Haemonculus that will baby sit the unit.

And now for some group shots of the unit!!

I have a number of blog posts about these guys.  One of them is a step by step painting guide:

And a post about the Gloss medium experiments:

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