GTA- Wreck Markers Back in Stock & Selling Fast

By Rob Baer | March 18th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

We just got a HUGE restock of  the Spikey Bits’ Wreck Markers , so if you were looking to pick up the puma marker (right) or any of our other 15 markers now may be the time!

Don’t miss out on one of our very first product offerings, Spikey Bits’ GTA Wreck Markers!

We put these out back in November, and well again this article is a Two-Fer because not only is it a hobby post, but also a sweet first from Spikey Bits!

So what does that mean exactly? Well let me paint you a picture; You’re playing your favorite army, and are in the middle of a “big” game. 
Suddenly you lose one of your armored vehicles, and after scrambling in panic for something.. anything… you may have lying around to replace that wrecked vehicle, you realize that maybe you need a better solution to represent the boundaries of a destroyed vehicle.
Sure you can make an outline with some dice, use an index card, or just turn the recently frag-ed vehicle upside down to represent those boundaries, but why not enhance your battlefield with some sweet painted and easy to transport markers?
Well you can now!  Checkout these very easy to use, beautifully painted, realistic wreck markers that not only look great on the tabletop, but also enhance it!

Best part is; they come pre-painted and lie flat, which is perfect for in-game placing of figures! Plus because of their “low-profile” they store conviently under the models they represent in their foam storage trays!

Spikey Bits pre-painted makers are textured, and made from sturdy durable thick resin!  Right now we only have Fifteen markers to choose from, but look close, a lot of these markers can be used for more than one vehicle body type.

Like for instance the “Puma” Marker, is also the same size as a “Cerebus” APC, or “Lemany Rustic” Battle Tank as well! See what I did there? We can’t use their actual names but can come hilariously close. Boo Barge anyone?

Plus these markers are all the proper size to represent the actual profile you will need for your wreckage.

Of course as more armored vehicles come out, we’ll be adding them where applicable to our line of wrecks as well!

I am very proud to announce our very own line of products, the Spikey Bits Wreck Markers! 

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