It is aTrap!- New X-wing Releases are SOLD OUT

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Apparently it is a trap, the wave 2 releases for the new X-wing games are sold out at FFG, and are back on pre-order.

Here at Spikey Bits, we’re expecting a HUGE restock next month, so there is no need to worry about acquiring these ships for your fleet.

Be sure to get your pre-orders in now for these game changing ships!

This release takes the game to a whole new intergalactic level, with bigger ships, and up-gunned and more maneuverable fighters!

Below is the complete wave two list of ship you gotta add to your fleet.

And if you into competitive X-wing play, FTW Games (the home of Spikey Bits) just landed one of the East Coast Regional Championships. It will be held on April 13th, and you can get all the details here.

Be sure to get your order in now, to avoid the crunch of regional championship purchases!
Recently we did a review / tactics articles on the Millennium Falcon, and Slave 1 which you can checkout for some great ideas on how to work these legendary ships into your fleet.

And if you’re not quite convinced about the game yet, checkout our introduction video below! Happy Starfighting! -MBG

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