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By Rob Baer | March 28th, 2013 | Categories: Pre-Order

That’s right we just added even more new items and pre-order goodies over on the Spikey Bits Webstore.

Releasing soon are faction dice sets for Warmachine, with all the brilliant detail, and styling you’ve come to expect from this steampunkish setting.

Plus don’t miss out on the HOT new Drop Zone Commander Cityscape Set that’s a table of terrain for any 15mm game, and only costs $40.99!

Be sure to check out all the new stuff, and hey if you need any of the new hotness, help support Spikey Bits, the team of gamers that’s working hard for you here everyday!

Check them all out here:  https://spikeybits.com/servlet/the-Pre-dsh-Order/Categories

Warmachine Khador Faction Dice ~ APR
Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG Dice ~ APR
Warmachine Mercenaries Faction Dice ~ APR
Warmachine Cygnar Faction Dice ~ APR
Warmachine Cryx Faction Dice ~ APR
Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth Faction Dice ~ APR
Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah Faction Dice ~ APR

Cityscape Card Scenery Set ~ APR 19

DreadBall Kickoff ~ MAR
DreadBall Extra Time ~ MAR

French-Indian War Woodland Indians with Bows (6) ~ MAR
American Army US 30 Cal MMG Team ~ MAR
American Army US 50 Cal HMG Team ~ MAR
British Army Chindit Section ~ MAR
British Army Chindit Command (4) ~ MAR
British Army Forward Observer Team ~ MAR
German Army Fallschirmjager Flamethrower Sniper & Panzerschreck (6) ~ MAR
German Army Flamethrower & Panzerschreck (4) ~ MAR
German Army Waffen SS Flamethrower Sniper & Panzerschreck (6) ~ MAR
German Army Panther Ausf A with Zimmerit BOX ~ MAR
Swedish Leather Gun ~ MAR

About the Author: Rob Baer

Virginia Restless, Miniature Painter & Cat Dad. I blame LEGOs. There was something about those little-colored blocks that started it all... Twitter @catdaddymbg
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