Review- Minitaire Paints By Orc Painter Nerd

By Rob Baer | March 24th, 2013 | Categories: OPN, Product Review, Videos, Warhammer 40k Articles & News

A few weeks ago I can across a great airbrushing channel on You Tube showcasing some amazingly easy to do airbrush weathering techniques

The reason I really like OPN’s YouTube Channel is because IMHO he presents it a way that makes it easy for a layperson to understand, and follow along.

Well recently he got a hold of a set of those new ground breaking airbrush paints called Minitaire by Badger.

Of course he wasted no time, and got to work shooting a video showcasing how they work and what he thought about them.

I also shot a video (which I had to split into two parts) showing how to paint a Nurgle Plaguebearer using the amazing color range Minitaire offers.

Part two of that will be out soon, but for now take a look at what Orc Painter Nerd has to say about these great paints.

Shaun (OPN) is an extremely helpful hobbyist, who even took the time to message me back when I asked to feature him here on Spikey Bits! So look for more from Orc Painter Nerd soon, and be sure to subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well! -MBG

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