The Rumors are True, Tau Cometh- First Pics!

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Well it looks like the stars have aligned and we have another 40k release on our hands folks, and it is indeed TAU!

Here’s a first look at the Tau Leak from the White Dwarf pictures currently going around the tubes! Man I am going to love me some plastic Broadsides and the new Tau 2013 Codex!

Checkout the size of that Battle-suit!!! It’s like 3 Crisis suits tall!  -Enjoy MBG

From Faeit 
Tau Pics Are Here!!!!! Sunshark Bomber/ Razorshark Fighter, and More

Ever concerned that Tau were not going to be released for April……. The Cat is out of the Bag!!!!!. Tau are here, and yes the pics out next month’s White Dwarf are spreading faster than a wildfire.

These pics can be found over at Advanced Tau Tactica (Where they first appeared) and on Warseer by sinowarrior

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