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Hey there everybody! Gruebot from Bolters Con Queso here with one of my Ork Looted Wagons. Some time ago I was surfing the inter webs in search of some Looted Wagons.

I had a couple of extra Imperial Guard tanks that I had been wanting to start chopping up and converting for my Orks.

So I was looking specifically for pictures of other people’s wagons for inspiring conversion ideas. it was then that I came across what are probably some of the most amazing conversions I’ve ever seen.

I’m talking about Rictus’ amazing Looted Wagons over at Recalcitrant Daze. Some of you have probably seen his work over on his own blog or even on BOLS. Anyway, after seeing his jaw dropping fleet of Looted Wagons, I was thoroughly inspired and immediately set about converting up my own set of wagons. Along the way I snapped quite a few pics of most of the process for the first one, which I’ve presented here.

The first thing I had to do was set about making it look like it might actually have enough room to carry a few Orks. I did this by using plastic card to widen the body. I had already decided that I wanted it to remain open topped so that my Orks would be able to assault out of it. I also wanted to make sure to add a Skorcha to the turret. Da Skorcha I used is from the Def Dread sprue and I added a pewter power cable from Dragon Forge as a gas line running into an old fuel drum I had in the bits box.

One of the things about Rictus’ conversions that make them so cool are the tons of added rivets he uses. Rivets are pretty easy to make by simply cutting off ends of plastic rod, then carefully gluing them in place. I also used a pin vice drill to make some pock marks here and there and then went over most of the edges with an exacto knife to make the hull look really weathered and beaten.

Once all the glue was all dried it was time to start painting. I painted her up pretty quickly as I really wanted to use it at Feast of Blades which was rapidly aproaching. On top of that I also had to finish up a Maulerfiend, 10 Grots, 20 Cultists and a Storm Raven, all in under two weeks time! I started out with Bleached Bone and then washed the rivets and other details with Devlin Mud. Afterwhich I heavily sponged on some Scorched Brown which I then lightly sponged over with Boltgun Metal. The tracks and Skorcha were then painted with Boltgun Metal, also washed with Devlin Mud. Finally I painted the ork and picked out the glyphs with Scab Red highlighted with Blood Red.  

And here she is in action at Feast of Blades. I used it to cart around my allied Ork Big Mek with custom force field in order to give my Plague Marines a nice 5+ cover save in the open.

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