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Ever expanding its Geeky Coverage Geek Nation Tours is proud to offer even more to the discriminating tabletop gamer. 
The tour however is also geared to the Beer Lover…. Not only will we be gaming at Feast of Blades but we will take in at least five Micro-Breweries and one Major one. 

The Beer goodness will not stop here however and we will be off to The Great American Beer Festival. More beer than you can shake a Gobbo at… So make sure you train up you livers it is going to be a Beer Fest at Feast of Blades for sure.

What about the gaming you say? Well the Feast of Blades will have that in abundance. If you want to challenge others to a pickup game or see how you rank against the best in the world they will have it for you. From Warhammer 40K to Magic – from Privateer Press to Infinity the Feast of Blades will supply your gaming poison.

Feast of Blades

As you may know Feast of Blades is an invitational tournament and while we will be able to game in all sorts of tournaments, one-off games and themed games the main tournament is invitational only. However make sure you bring your miniatures as not only will you be able to compete for a spot for the tournament on Friday night, but Geek Nation Tours has secured two spots for the tourny itself. We will draw for these spots Friday night and two lucky tour participants will be able to hop into one of the most prestigious 40K tournaments in the world.

What Beer?

You will be surrounded by game and beer lovers on this one so come have a few with us and roll some dice.

Day 1 (Tuesday October 8th): Today you will be greeted at the Denver International airport and will be transferred to our hotel. We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech which the heart of Feast of Blades. During convention days all we have to do is roll out of bed and we will be able to get straight to gaming. Today however, after checking in and freshing up Banjo Billy will pick us up to start our Brewing Company excursions…. Banjo Billy’s gives brewery tours in Denver from an old school bus tricked out to look like a traveling hillbilly shack. Hear ghost tales, crime stories, and history while sitting on a couch, recliner or saddle as the bus rolls down the road. Today we will start our brewing company tour and have dinner at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. From there we will stop at the Prost Brewing Company prior to making our way back to our hotel.

Banjo Billy's Bus

In place of our traditional Welcome Dinner we will have guest speakers come aboard the bus with us over the next couple of day to talk about the Feast of Blades, Gaming and modeling and a multitude of other subjects….We are doing everything on the fly on this tour….

Day 2 (Wednesday October 9th):
The morning is yours to do some relaxing and recovery from the night prior. We will have some game tables set up for some pickup games but it will be a low-key morning as we prepare for more beer.
The afternoon will see us off to the Coors brewing company to see how the big boys do it. Banjo Billy will pick us up and get us there and later bring us to a local restaurant for dinner. Don’t drink too much beer however as we will be off again at night as Banjo Billy’s brings us out to the Breckenridge, Strange, and Denver Breweries. Of course we will need to have a bite to eat and the Breckenridge Brewery gives us a chance to indulge in a bit of Barbecue!

Day 3 (Thursday October 10th):
Slow down you say? Sure we will give you another morning AND a free afternoon to sleep in and relax but be prepared however, we have something special planned for you tonight… After dinner we will be off to the Great American Beer Festival. If you are still thirsty from the past couple of days they have a treat for you…. Over 2700 beers will be available for tasting. Want something from Germany? Japan? Back home? We are sure that you can find it here. Whether your tastes are for a stout or a wheat beer they will have it for you in abundance. They also have seminars and classes – a bookstore and a market place.


Banjo Billy will take us back home to our beds so we can get some well earned sleep to prepare for our dice rolling tomorrow at the Feast of Blades…..

Day 4 (Friday October 11th): Today Geek Nation Tours grants another morning for her gallant crew. At an optional lunch GNT will be awarding prizes for those who displayed the best poise, and bravery over the last few days. There will also be much cat-calling to those that crashed and burned.

Geek Beer

However the big news is this is the first day of Feast of Blades. They will have casual gaming for everyone, an Apocalypse drop in drop out game to join, their Charity Team Tournament (proceeds going to Wounded Warrior Project) and of course their famous Club Feast of Blades. It is time to party (because we really haven’t been doing that yet), hang out with other gamers from around the world and get into grove of Feast of Blades.

Dinner will be on your own but you will find food not only at Club Feast of Blades but have other options in the hotel itself….

Day 5 (Saturday October 12st): Game and Seminar to your heart’s content. Again, for those that can join us we will be headed off as a group to the “Feast at Feast”. The crew at Feast of Blades is putting on a dinner for all those that want to join. Perhaps there will be Ultramarine or two to challenge to a duel!

We hope you join in as past participants agree that our meet-ups are an important part of the convention experience – a time where you can get to know other Geeks and maybe hear a great suggestion or two on what to do the following days, exchange “war stories” and have loads of fun. You can join us every night or you can do your own thing. Geek Nation Tours wants you to have the most freedom to “Geek Out” as possible so our meetings will be completely optional and you can come and go as you please.
Can’t find us at night and want to hang? You can locate Teras by Facebook Places, Twitter or just ring him on his mobile.

Day 6 (Sunday October 13th): This is your last day to game but we still have one last meal together. We will be headed off for a low key dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. There will be plenty of options to ramp it up a bit if you like so we will have to see how the night progresses…. Again it will be a great opportunity to tell War Stories and maybe switch to wine.

Day 7 (Monday October 14th): All good things must end, of course, and today we return to the airport and depart for home. The photos, memories and friends you picked up, even before hitting the convention, are yours to keep forever!

Geek Nation Tours is proud to offer the Feast of Blades Beer Lover Tour!

Pricing: $1799.00 per person tax included based on double occupancy. However if you would like to secure a spot with no money down select the below “Book Now” button… When we have a definitive price we will email you and you can chose to move forward or cancel at no penalty…

Don’t have a friend to get the double occupancy rate? That is what Geek Nation Tours does. Book as a double occupancy and we will match you up a roommate… This way you get the best of both worlds – someone to BS about the con with – and more cash to spend.
Want more room? Single occupancy rates are available for an additional $500.00
This tour has a maximum guest space of 20 passengers, so space is limited. Book now to secure your spot.

A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 per person is required to hold space.

Final is due July 1st 2013.

What is included: All Hotel and transportation costs (including Banjo Billy’s tours), Tickets to the Great American Beer Festival, Guest speaker appearances….

What is not included: Flights not included. However Geek Nation Tours would be happy to arrange air from anywhere in the world. Include your origin city in the pre-registration and we will send you a quote. Some small local fees may apply. Feast of Blades event tickets are also not included as registration must be done directly with the event organizers. Some Beer samples will be included however to insure the best choice tour participants will be required to pay for the beer they wish to indulge in.

Departs from: All around the World

Contact Geek Nation Tours for more info!

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