High Elves- Huge Rumor Dump

By Rob Baer | April 28th, 2013 | Categories: High Elves, News / Rumors, Warhammer Fantasy

Well the cat is almost entirely out of the bag, but we still have about a week to go until these new spectacular models are available for sale.

So far looks like all is good in the supply chain, as GW has not announced any shortages…yet.  Speaking of shortages, a second wave of Tau restocks hit last week and we filled a bunch more orders. 
However we, just like the rest of the world are still waiting on more. 🙁
Hopefully GW gets the wrinkles ironed out shortly for the High Elf and subsequent Eldar releases.
And just in case you haven’t done so yet, High Elves are now on advanced order over on Spikey Bits, so be first in line in case there are shortages, order now! -MBG


From Faeit
High Elf Pre-Orders Are Up Today: + Massive Rumor Dump

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