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By Rob Baer | April 14th, 2013 | Categories: Kings of War, Mantic

Tabletop Fix, the non commercial totally impartial blog that shows off and reviews new model releases, just featured some of the great stuff Mantic is doing for Kings of War.

If you haven’t heard they are revamping a couple of the figure ranges to get them more in line with current offerings from different companies.

Kings of War minis make GREAT affordable substitutes for the hordes upon hordes of Warhammer Fantasy figures you need to fill in a whole army.

So be sure to check them out, next time you have rows and rows of soldiers to field! -MBG

From Tabletop Fix
Mantic Games announced new releases for Kings of War this summer:

To show just how many sets are now available as new releases here is a list of the kits we will be releasing through retailers in June, July and August (NOTE that this is NOT to be confused with the package Kickstarter Backers will get – there will be an update on the kickstarter detailing the KOW Shipment 2 contents next week.)
– Trolls
– Orc Gore Chariot
– Orc Fight Wagon
– Undead Mummies
– Undead Werewolves
– Undead Vampiress Lady Ilona
– Undead Lord Malak
– The Basilean Legacy
– Basilean Men at Arms
– Basilean Paladins
– Basilean Crossbowmen
– Basilean Elohi
– Basilean Sisterhood
– Basilean Sisterhood Lancers
– Basilean Paladin Knights
– Basilean Chariot
– Basilean High Priest
– Kings and Legends
– Ogre Warriors
– Ogre Shooters
– Ogre Grokagamok

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