Star Wars: X-Wing 2013 Regional Coverage

By Super Kaiju | April 27th, 2013 | Categories: Star Wars, Super Kaiju, X-Wing 2.0
Oh boy, Star Wars: X-wing Regional Tournament. My, my, how fun it was.

New Spikey Bits’ Writer Super Kaiju wrote this article on the big event, and the meta at our regionals tournament.

Let me be first to thank Toby Spaulding for running the tournament and FTW Games (the home of Spikey Bits) for hosting.

And Congratulation to Jeremy Clarke for taking home the blue trophy we all desperately wanted.

That being said, check out some of these pics form the event.

The sweet Trophy with some Prize support. Not shown plastic focus markers.
3 games during the tournament. Intense space action anyone?

Just some of the stuff, how about a few for the Finals? Two Falcons both piloted by Han Solo? Didn’t see that coming. And being on the receiving end of one of them, all I can say is ‘Owie.”

Match start
Bumper space ships, ain’t it grand?
Things getting up close and personal, little Han on Han action, ladies.
In the end this is the list that took it all home!

Again, congrats to Jeremy Clarke (left) on his victory and special thanks to Toby Spaulding (right) for judging. Also thanks FTW games for hosting and letting us play. 

Lets just say after a few good rounds, I’m not surprised Mr. Clarke took it home. Glad too myself, be damned if the man who beat me didn’t take it all home! Congrats to his opponent Paul (who’s last name I didn’t get) who took home his own Regional bag as well. And to fill you in, that winning list consisted of Han Solo with two Rookies.

You’ll be seeing that on Kaiju Spaceworks very soon. Once again, thanks to all involved and thank you for reading. Have a great one!

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