The Future of Bits, at Spikey Bits.

By Rob Baer | April 11th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

In light of recent events that I am sure many of you are aware of, we have been fielding a ton of questions about the future of Spikey Bits, and our position on the matter in question.

Until now, we have no official position.  Nothing had been presented to us by any of our distributors as to any policies they will be enforcing on us now, or in the future.

While we’re not even sure of the legality of such policies, any legal action taken against a certain manufacturer, (or any of our distributors if they try to violate our right of first sale) would take more time than we have to comply with said policy.

Regardless in looking to the future, our continued business both locally and via mail order, we have decided to comply with the policy scheduled to go into effect on June 15th 2013.  It is our sincere hope that something positive is happening soon with a certain company in June, and we can’t wait to see what that is.

But for now, we’ll continue to retail bits off the sprue, and kits on sprue for the near future.

Next week at Adepticon we’ll begin to LIQUIDATE our inventory of bits and and kits on sprue, so be sure to checkout our booth there for some amazing deals on bits and kits!  

Following that, we have something very special planned for our remain stock of bits and sprue items starting around the first of May.

After June 15th we’ll continue to sell Games Workshop sealed product via Mail and Phone Orders only.

We will of course still retail all of our other products online in a shopping cart per normal.

We’ve worked out a ton of special deals and great relationships with top miniature and supply companies, so we’ll continue to bring you great deals and top notch minis as normal!

But wait there’s more!

We’ve been in touch with several other games manufacturers and have received their blessing to “bits out their product ranges” to bring you great alternatives to existing bits that we’ll no longer be allowed to sell.

So big things are on the way in June, stay tuned for more details soon! Thanks for your support- MBG

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