Eldar Prices Leaked & New Unit Surprises!

By Rob Baer | May 21st, 2013 | Categories: Eldar, News / Rumors

Looks like Eldar rumor ship is leaking like a sieve, as the complete release list has hit the tubes and everyone seems to be clamoring about one of two things…

The Wraithknight is how big, and costs how much!!??

Apparently all of these kits will go on Advanced order this Saturday May 25th, and release next weekend June 1!

It’s also interesting to see not just Eldar releases this time around, which may leave the door open for some very exciting things in the not so distant future as well!

We’re also hearing that GW plans to have all Eldar orders fulfilled a few weeks after the release, which is quite puzzling to say the least… More on that soon I’m sure, but for now enjoy the news from the webway! -MBG

Coursey of BoLS

Eldar minis are in the Webway, headed to stores worldwide.  Here’s the latest word on products and prices.

It looks like June will be the month of Eldar and Bikers!  Better get your wallets out…  We’ve been all been working our day jobs for the Farseers it turns out. All this stuff hits shelves June 1st.


Get the full list here; and be sure to stop back by this weekend to get your advanced order in for this amazing release!

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