Spinning the Eldar Rumor Web, Post Faeit

By Rob Baer | May 6th, 2013 | Categories: Eldar, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

Well slowly but surely rumors are starting to trickle out on everyone’s favorite space elves.

Obviously after the demise of Faeit, no one will be posting pics ahead of time. Rumors however copied from forums and blogs are fair game however.

Seems like the web of skulls maybe making a comeback. 🙂 -MBG

Today’s rumor comes to us from 40k Apocalypse via BoLS.

From Larry at BoLS:

The Dark Reaper Exarch regains a classic weapon option from the days of yore. HINT, HINT – it involves skulls and chain.

Aspect Warriors are moving to plastic using the “combo-unit” dual-build format GW has moved to of late. We’ll leave it up to you to guess which aspects could be paired off into combo-kit boxes with differing heads/weapon options.

The new Eldar flyer is quite curved in nature, with sweeping lines all about. A real head turner.

The new Eldar “big kit” is a wraith construct that shares numerous design cues with the current War Walker – but much larger. A virtual beast…

Eldar keep their distance from Tau from an overall design theme. They will be the masters of maneuver and outright speed. Look for multiple options and units types for jetbikes including up-armored and even faster versions. Jetbikes as a family may well become the staple hallmark of the army. They will come in multiple flavors with both anti-personnel and anti-armor types.

FOC wise, look for a whole lot of jumping about of units between the HEAVY SUPPORT, FAST ATTACK, and ELITES slots. There will be difficult player decisions to be made in there.

As always:

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