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With May the 4th past us, Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled their newest ship line up in the X-Wing Miniatures games.

Speculations have been met, with some curve balls thrown in.

Spikey Bits’ Writer Super Kaiju wrote this review article on the Eagerly anticipated new Wave 3 ships for X-wing Miniatures Game

So lets nerd out and look at the stats of each one of these new ships and throw out some more Speculations on each one to see what it is and if they’ll be super broken omg op! Or a sad sack of poopy covered in other…things.

Starting out we’ll look at the B-wing. As a Rebel player I took a gander at them first and lets just say this thing instantly caught my eye and holy crap. 3 attacks, 3 hull and 5, yes 5 shields!

With all that I care not it only has 1 agility. I play with Y-wings all the time so that doesn’t bother me. Then you look at this badges, 2 proton torpedo slots? That be nice, but uh, is that? Yes it is! Heavy Laser Cannon on a regular ship?! Wow, now that’s nice. And a new one too, the System upgrades which I’ll bring up later. Judging by this stat line this thing will definitely be a super offensive ship that will make even the X-wing look like a pansy.

Which honestly, for 1 point more with their base pilot to the Rookie, why take a Rookie? This thing seems pretty damn good on its own. Have to wait till their release on the table tops before we can truly say if it’ll push out the X-wing.

Switching over to the Imperials the Tie Bomber is finally in, rounding out all the real ships from the movies that I know of anyways. And just as speculated they can take an unholy amount of things that go boom. Proton, missiles and bombs oh my.

And 6 hull points this thing will be able to take a beating on par with Large ships. Still no shields, and 2 shots. Pretty norm for the Empire, but only 2 agility with no evasion action?

Looks like he might be a glass cannon when its all send and done. Don’t see these guys getting fully decked out with everything, but i can see them being used to bring some death with their payloads. I’m just waiting to see the swarm lists made using nothing but these guys for laughs.

Criss cross back to the Rebels for a new style of ships, shuttles? And a Extended Universe fav the HWK-290 aka Moldly Crow is making its debut from the video games to the table top. I, uh, actually have no clue what this ship is.

Sorry, I don’t dive to much into the extended universe. But I can say this ships stat line is pretty dang interesting. 1 attack, not offensive at all. 2 agility, not really that dodgy. 4 hull, okay, it can take a few hits. And 1 shield so you can negate a crit or just have an extra hit.

Not the most impressive stat line, and from a loved ship from the Extended Universe. But hey, it can take an Ion Turret so thats a plus. Hm.

Well, I think what we’re seeing here  with these new shuttle ships isn’t their power output, but their over all group utility. Example here Kyle Katarn throwing out free Focus Tokens, and from 3 range out too. Nice guy. Also I saw else where for an extra 4 points you can take another guy who at range 1 to 3 out, you can stress any ship you have to roll 1 extra attack die. Sounds interesting to say the least. Looking forward to trying this guy out, but so far stat wise and points it looks to be the worst of the new ships. Maybe.

And to round it all out the uh, Tri-wing thing. Really, its called the Lambda-Class Shuttle? Always thought it was the Tri-wing. Shows how much of a Star Wars geek I am.

Regardless of my pathetic knowledge this guy looks pretty deadly for just being a transport. 3 attack and 1 agility, sounds familiar. And 5 Hull with 5 shields?

Wow, tanky tanky tanky. And it’ll need it as it seems like with the HWK this ship looks to be more utility based as well. This particular card that’s been shown forces enemies to lock on to it instead of anyone else. Couple that with a new Co-pilot card that stresses anyone who targets you? Sounds good to me.

And just to say now on the new System Upgrades, they look pretty interesting. The one shown on FFG shows you being able to force a hit into focus that can’t be changed. Uh, nice. Another I saw allowed you to take a free action before moving and you just skip your action phase later. Sounds like a good trade to me. Gonna be interesting to say the least.

All in all I’m looking forward to most of these things. Super excited for the B-wing. The Tie Bomber I’m on the shelf about, gotta wait to see how that works. HWK-290 is also right up there. The utilites seem nice, but for 20+ points and the ship itself isn’t all that great, have to wait and see how they play out in the end. And the LC Shuttle, looks good. Hopefully these new ships arent push back a bit and will be in stock this time around. Looking at you FFG! Please?

Like always thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day. -Super Kaiju

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