4 x 6 Terrain Table in a Box for $45!??

By Rob Baer | June 20th, 2013 | Categories: Dropzone Commander

Well it’s true, this may just be biggest small thing to happen in tabletop games in a long time. 

Now in stock is the Drop Zone Commander Cityscape, a customizable 6’x4′ battlefield for your games.

But best of all, it works as terrain for any 15-10mm near future game out there!

Cityscape contains 20 different card buildings in 5 different sizes. Each building is pre-cut, prefolded and comes with a pre-glued seam. All you need to do is unfold the building, glue or staple the roof down and you’re good to go! The buildings are printed on solid 615 micron card stock in vibrant colours with a coated finish. 

Cityscape also contains 24 1’x1′ double sided card ground tiles. These are fully detailed with roads, green spaces, car parks and tunnels and can be configured in thousands of combinations! These can be glued or taped to a solid gaming surface to complete an immersive 4’x4′ or a 6’x4′ table. Best of all is it works for any 15mm near future game out there!

Checkout the pictures below, and be sure to Order yours NOW to avoid the rush as this item is sure to be popular with any 15-10mm game!

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