Apocalypse, WOW! New Pics, Unit Leaks & Prices

The flood gates are fully open now, and it looks like all the release info is out on the web for all to find!

Today’s info comes from Apocalypse 40k, a great blog who features tons for great Apoc level articles and pictures, and organizes the worldwide Apocalypse days each year!

Very interesting reads from this product sheet indeed.  I’m assuming a certain large kit that went up in price got combined with another kit of similar kind, and that barely anyone will even have a chance to get the collectors editions if the 40k Sixth Edition launch back in July 2012 (and current supply woes) are any indication.

Never the less I’m still super excited for the Apocalypse reboot and can’t want for the rumored release date.

Check back here this weekend for Advanced Order information for all the new products that we’ll be able to sell, but keep in mind we won’t be selling any of the limited editions OR Finecast Models.

Courtesy of Apocalypse 40k

The Price List is out!  And Apocalypse is coming in force.

We have a ton of new models to look forward to and accessories as well.  And the list tells us a little about Second Edition Apocalypse.  Specifically there are now Strategic Asset cards as well as special “Collector’s Edition” and “Gamer’s Edition” items.  

The Necron get an Arc and the Wall of Martyrs gets nasty gun support!

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