Eldar Stock Update from Retailers

By Rob Baer | June 3rd, 2013 | Categories: Eldar, Warhammer 40k

Well it looks like this release wasn’t a complete debacle for retailers like the Tau release was.  Reports are coming in that most stores got what they needed in this first shipping wave of Eldar releases.

Across the board it seems like everyone got allocated somewhat on their orders, but for now everyone seems to be making due.

The rumor is that after this first release week, more stock may “magically’ be available to retailers as Games Workshop cuts lose it’s “release weekend reserves”.

None of us got our Limited Edition Eldar books we ordered here, and when we inquired why, we were told that unless we went to a GW store to order (the closest being 2-1/2 hours away) we would not get our merchandise for at least 5-6 weeks.  Well I guess I’ll settle for the regular book then, lol.

Here at Spikey Bits, anyone that had a Pre-Order in with us should see their order ship early this week as we start to fill orders in a first come first served fashion.  We are still waiting on a few boxes to still come in that UPS forgot to deliver over the weekend, however we foresee no problem filling any orders made thus far.

Shipping emails always contain whatever delivery confirmation numbers are generated for your order, and are sent as soon as a package is labeled for shipment!

If you need assistance with an order you can always call us at (804) TOY-BITS Monday though Friday 8 AM to 4 PM, or email us.  We’ll be expanding out phone store hours shortly as well to be available seven days a week as well.

Of course we’ll be monitoring our stock levels to make sure we can continue to offer new release product throughout the coming days and weeks, and keep you updated as well!

We are currently accepting taking orders for the new Eldar modelsBest part is, over on the webstore our stock is on the way, and we’re selling them for our normal everyday discount of 20% OFF MSRP!  Thanks for helping to support your Hobby Blog, Spikey Bits- MBG

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