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By Kenny Boucher | June 19th, 2013 | Categories: Next Level Painting, SpikeyCon, Warhammer 40k

Sign up today for one of only FIVE seats for a very special airbrushing seminar held by Next Level Painting next weekend at SpikeyCon!

Limited to only five attendees, the NLP airbrushing seminar lasts FOUR hours on both Saturday and Sunday June 29th and 30th. Attendees will be provided with their own airbrush to use for leaning directly from NLP’s Kenny Boucher himself.

Materials included are all the necessary paints, five Tactical Marines and a Rhino, all assembled and ready to be painted, airbrush style!

This is your rare opportunity to learn hands on from one of the BEST airbrush miniature artists in the industry, and have the models to take home with you to show everyone that YOU did it!

Heck if airbrush DVD’s are $50 each, this class is CHEAP compared to that, and there is nothing like LIVE instruction.  Each class lasts 4 hours from 1PM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday June 29th and 30th.  Total class cost for 8 hours (including materials and figures) is only $100.

To register for any of the clinics or tournaments at SpikeyCon, please call us to get on the list OR register online (804) 464-1873

Take Your Painting To the Next Level! -MBG


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