Star Wars: X-Wing, Determination, Do YOU Have it?

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Hello and welcome to another fun and exciting day in Kaiju Logistics. Today we’ll be looking at another Veteran Pilot skill known as Determination. Is this one point upgrade worth it? Let’s find out.

Now for one point, it’s a useful upgrade to just fill out points. But the ability does seem a little situational right?

Only stops crits that target the Pilot? Well, yea, it is a little situational, but when that situation comes up, its pretty useful. And read it right, it’s not that it negates the effect, it completely negates the damage!

So it literally just says, ‘No, didn’t happen!’ You can’t get much better then that for crits! Most will do something that negates the effect, or negate the damage and give you something. But say in Chewie’s case, yes, it stops the damage, gives you a shield and is all hunky dory. But hes 4 points and a 1 time use. Determination is just 1, and can happen multiple times. Using this on your higher skilled pilots can be a life saver as they won’t lose any of thier abilities or pilot skill. Dreaded ship crits will stay, but negating half the crits possible isn’t to shabby.

Remember also then in taking damage, Crits always happen last, so if you can stop all damage but say 1 crit, and its a pilot, bye bye nothing happened. I speak from experience here. During the Regionals I had a very fun match that came down to Wedge and Darth Vader. Each kept jumping around each other with very little left in hull points.

In fact my Wedge only had 1 hull left. And during this long back and forth Wedge took not only 1, but two crits (alternating shield damage cause of R2-D2). To say the least both were Pilots and were shrugged off as if nothing happened. A few rounds later finally saw Vader getting tired and he took the rest of the damage, sending me to the next round…in which I lost. *sigh* But I push on!

Points wise you can’t get much better then Determination. Its a easy upgrade and can help round out a list if you need the points. And with its ability to prevent anything nasty from stripping your Pilots of their abilities is always worth it right?

Hope this helped you and thanks for reading.  -Super Kaiju

Welcome to X-Wing, enjoy your stay.  Checkout our sweet video un-boxing for the Starter Set, and be sure to read our other Star Wars Tactics Articles.

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