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By Rob Baer | June 21st, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Recently we have come up with yet another way for you to save even more on the hobbies you love The Spikey Bits’ Trade-In Program!

Best of all is it’s less work than selling on e-Bay and it pays just the same, if not more!

In conjunction with out roughly bi-monthly “Miniature Market” videos (that are a great way to pick-up some great deals on used miniatures), this sweet system lets you trade in any used items you have just lying around collecting the proverbial dust, for either new in box items OR other used items we feature from time to time on here
How does it work? Checkout all the details below.  
The Basics:
1. Email a correctly formatted list of the kits or miniatures you want to sell to buyer@spikeybits.com
2. We will reply within one to two business days providing you with an offer for your items and a confirmation code. You will have 24 hours to approve or decline our offer. If you approve the offer all you have to do is reply to the offer e-mail stating you approve.
3. After we receive the e-mail reply from you stating you accepted our offer, all you need to do is ship your models or kits and a print out of the email confirmation to the store address.
Buylist (What we give you for your items):
Below is a very basic list of what we’re looking for and what we, on average, offer for items. With the varying condition in which used toy soldiers can be, these prices are a generalization for the best condition indicated.
We reserve the right to offer less based on larger collections and or collections containing a large percentage of slower-selling items.
If you feel that your items do not match this condition please let us know when you email us, and if possible provide pictures of your items to help us get you an accurate quote!  Following these instructions allows us to process your sell order as quickly and efficiently as possible.
New in Box Items- We only accept the most current version on the market! To make sure you have to most update version of said item, be sure to check the manufacturer’s website!
We offer 40% of the current MSRP for most mainstream games with an additional 12.5% (for a total of about 50%) bonus for store credit trade in.
Assembled /used items- For used items we accept any version of items on the market. 
Primed and assembled in good condition (models will not need to be stripped or re-assembled)
We offer 20% of the current MSRP for most mainstream games, with an additional 6% (for a total of about 25%) bonus for store credit trade in.
Primed and assembled in poor condition (models will need to have their paint stripped, pieces glued back in place, or have missing parts all together. This applies to worn books, custom licensed templates, etc as well.
We offer 15% of the current MSRP for most mainstream games, as this condition is pretty undesirable for most players, besides the “do it yourselfers”.  Items in this condition have a tendency to sit unsold for quite sometime, so we try to not deal in items of this nature as much as possible.
So that’s pretty much it, if you would like to make a deal Email a correctly formatted list of the bits and/or kits you want to sell to buyer@spikeybits.com.  We will respond back to you writing 24-48 hours of receipt of your trade in list!
Get started now! Download our easy to use Trade In Sheet, and get moving!

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