Units & Psykers – Eldar Tactica Part II

By Rob Baer | June 6th, 2013 | Categories: Eldar, Tactics, Videos, Warhammer 40k

So I spent a good part of my free time over the weekend breaking down the new codex, and at one point even feel asleep in the middle of the store.

Spy photos confirm this, but it’s really just me working hard deciphering texts so you don’t have to (as much)!

Some of my crew and I even got around to making some optimum army builds, and uncovered some cool stuff in the new Eldar Codex.

The new book is pretty good at first look, and continues to get better the more I read, and playtest.

With this release, once again we obviously got some amazing looking models IMHO, and they all even seem useful in one way or another even!

If you haven’t gotten to see the new kits first hand, be sure to checkout my model review article that dives right into the kits themselves. I think it’s a great way to see the them and get ideas for conversions etc.

In this book the Eldar are pretty much re-introduced for a new generation of gamer, and there seemed to be a expansion of fluff in certain areas, and a retraction in others.

Either way it’s a great read and even if you don’t play Eldar, it may be worth it to pick one up for the stories, and to get to know your enemy better.

I was going to write out this whole list of changes etc, but my notes are kinda jumbled. It sounds a lot better on the video below than what I can type out at this point. So if you got the time, hit play below and just listen to it. There isn’t much to look at, it’s just mostly me talking about the new book.

I ended up recording like an hour of this stuff, which is kinda ridiculous.  So that being said, I broke it all down into manageable pieces for you to checkout individually.

The second focuses on Pskyers, and most of the Unit Entries themselves!

So please enjoy my Eldar Tactica video below, and be sure to also checkout my review of the Eldar Codex, itself as well! What effective combos are YOU seeing so far?-MBG

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