Legs for Khorne? Possible New Titan Conversion

So check this out.  I played around with some images to try to see if it was possible to put legs on the soon to be released Khorne Lord of Skulls, and make a truly plastic titan.

From what I see here, it looks like it may just work! Only problem is that these legs are from an upcoming release from DreamForge Games, so I probably will have to wait till this fall to make it work.

Using the Berserker for scale, I trimmed off the “dozer” part of the Lord of Skulls, and then scaled down the current Leviathan Crusader legs from 28mm scale to 15mm, and it seems like a decent fit.  Then all that is left is to embellish with some Chaos / Khorne trim and paint red!

The new “Chaos” Mortis Leviathan is due out around the same time as the 15mm version of the Crusader so it’s possible that may work as well if it’s the right scale.

So what do you think? Sure it’s pricey, but even at full MSRP it’s still about half the price of a Warhound titan. -MBG

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