40k Rumors in 5 Minutes- August Roundup

By Rob Baer | August 25th, 2013 | Categories: News / Rumors

Anyone else’s head spinning from all the yummy 40k rumors from the past few weeks?

We’ve seen quite possible more than our fair share of rumors about not just the upcoming Space Marine release, but also Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Orks, and more

Plus this week will bring the full release list for Space Marines as they will go on advanced order midnight this Friday the 30th!

So before we look to the future of 40k this week, lets take a quick look at the past few weeks worth of rumors, and get ready for the big Space Marine release!

Courtesy of BoLS and Apocalypse 40k Blog

The Space Marines aren’t even here yet, and the Bugs are hot on their heels. Holy Echoes of Macragge!

Here is your weekly round up of everything we have seen the past seven days.

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