Bride of the Monster- OG Meets New G?

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Meet Baphemut and his lovely concubine Cassandra.  I had had this design in mind for a long time and now it’s finally a reality. 

I am well aware that I won’t be winning any Golden Daemon Awards anytime soon but I think this lay-out works well.  

Together the happy couple will be playing the role of Greater Daemon (probably Keeper of Secrets, though I still have the classic (and best) 80s model of the Keeper around here somewhere needing attention) and/or Daemon Prince for my CSM and/or Daemon forces.

I am a little distraught that in the 6th edition Chaos Marines can’t summon generic daemons anymore — it only seems proper that a magician should be able to pull a rabbit from his hat if need be.  But I can still field a DP with straight CSM and just recently purchased a Daemons codex, so allies will be a-comin’!

I’ve also had this resin base for a while.  It is marketed as “the river of skulls” and if you squint at it you can see bony faces kinda forming in there, but the mold just didn’t come out right.  I’m over it.  It passes as a low-effort snow scene I guess — or better yet, the 6th or 7th circle of Hell (whichever was the icy one with heads sticking out of a frozen lake).  Obviously, I haven’t gotten to the tutorial on basing yet…

I initially just thought this big brute of a monster would look bad ass with a hot chick for a girl friend, but when gearing up my DP I decided to give him a spell familiar, which she serves as nicely.  The monster is an old-school GW minotaur that I got at a big discount for being such an out-of-date model, and the girl is an old Dark Elves slave girl (notice the icy shackles), also a decade or more old.

The paint job serves my purposes and looks nice on the table, though isn’t up to a “high standard.”   But I enjoy seeing them in the midst of battle with the hot chick lounging and drawing stray eyes form those who should be watching the monster’s axe more carefully.  Definitely a fun model and one I wanted to share.

J. D. Brink

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