Join the Resistance! New Dropzone Faction

By Meeker | August 26th, 2013 | Categories: Dropzone Commander, News / Rumors
While at Gen Con, I was introduced to the new Dropzone Commander faction: The Resistance. 
The Resistance are survivors of humanity, fighting to reclaim the Maiden Worlds from the Scourge. They have been in the shadows, striking targets of opportunity for decades. The Resistance uses any weapon at their disposal which is why the vehicles look so rag-tag. 
From what I saw, the vehicles come in two sizes. Although there aren’t that many pictured, there were a ton on vehicles in the display and none of them were same. Between the dozer blades, chassis, and weapon turrets, there were subtle variations between each vehicle.

To be honest, I expected the vehicles of the future to look a little more futuristic, but they do match the style of the buildings. They may not look that futuristic, but doesn’t mean they don’t look good. Personally, I love the gritty look. I’m sure if they are well weathered, they’d look amazing. Anyways, enough blather. Here are some pics. Apologies for quality. A phone camera was used.

Oh yeah, and the new monorail was present.


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