Weird Quest – Trouble in Grouse Beak [Review]

By Mihalis Skalkos | August 4th, 2013 | Categories: Home of Cadaver, Product Review, Web Comic

Hello everybody!! Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver

I would like to share something amazing with you, although not strictly hobby related.

I had the privilege to have an exclusive first time look at the beginning of a comic book series that a friend of mine just started publishing as an eBook and print on demand.

I have been following Panagiotis as a Comic artist for a really long time now and I have always been a huge fan of his work. When I learned that he was about to create his first series of graphic novels, revisiting an old set of characters and world he has created, I was certain that the result would be really great, but I wasn’t ready for the awesomeness that I have witnessed reading Weird Quest.

Graphically the comic is an eye candy! Panagiotis’ unique drawing style is everywhere bringing the looney characters and the colorful Fantasy world to life. The story is hilarious with a punchline waiting in every scene.

So if you are up to a really funny, action packed, colorful comic book at a steal of a price, then don’t hesitate one second… this one is for you!!

You can get it from amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E0PBRXK/ref=cm_cr_mts_prod_img&tag=s601000020-20

or from Drive Thru Comics here: http://comics.drivethrustuff.com/product/117053/Weird-Quest-Trouble-in-Grouse-Beak

More formats available soon! 

About the Author: Mihalis Skalkos

Teacher, modeller, painter, Wargamer mad about music and trying to fit all these in a tight 24hour schedule! Always trying to find more challenging and unique projects to get my teeth on! Catch me on Home Of Cadaver for more!
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