X-Wing Wave 3 Delayed (a few weeks)

By Rob Baer | August 30th, 2013 | Categories: X-Wing 2.0

Well the rumor was, X-wing Wave 3 ships would be out this month!

But as it turns out, looks like they will be delayed a few weeks more. FFG announced that their Wave 3 X-wing ships will be delayed until mid September now.

While I’m sure some lucky players will acquire them at GENCON this year (I sent a few Bothan agents of my own to procure them as well).

For the Wave 2 ships we horribly oversold them, as the supply quickly dried up… along with the Wave one ships as well.

So here at Spikey Bits, we’ll unlock pre-orders the second we get confirmation from FFG that of our exact allocation, and ship date.
Last thing we want to do is create bad feelings over such a great childhood memory related game right?

Keep an eye out for that here soon we hope, as I miss making pew pew laser sounds while playing with my ships…

So until then, checkout our sweet video un-boxing for the new Wave 3 Ships, and be sure to read our other Star Wars Tactics Articles!

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