40k Diorama- You Can’t Hide From The Riptide!

A friend of mine did this little Tau Riptide diorama recently while we were painting models together at our local Games Workshop Bowie store and I thought Spikey Bits readers would really enjoy seeing it.

It’s not part of an army collection, but rather a singular little hobby diversion for the fun of painting something different.

The concept for basing the model was simple, a lone Imperial Guardsman trying in vain to hide from a massive Tau Riptide Battlesuit. Judging from the finished model he can’t hide for long!

As you can see in this front view the Riptide is barely concealed by the ruined building, but the lone Guardsman can’t see it from his perspective. When he peeks around the corner he’s in for an unpleasant surprise!

This side view of the model provides a good look at the Riptide’s shield and a rear view of the Imperial Guardsman. Notice the excellent weathering and paint chipping effects on the Riptide. 

This view from the right side of the model gives you a good look at the Guardsman’s face and the Riptide’s massive gun.

A closeup of the base reveals the great weathered broken pavement effect. The broken tiles were made from a plastic Games Workshop Movement Tray. The building was made from a Games Workshop Imperial City building set.

Projects like the model shown here remind us hobbyists how much fun it can be to paint something that’s not part of a gaming project, but rather just a bit of creative fun. What are you painting now?

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