Amazing Grey Knights Players Choice Army 2011

By Rob Baer | September 25th, 2013 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Grey Knights

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So I’ve been saving this bit of coverage from Feast of Blades for last (but certainly not least).  You see, there was no painting award on the Feast of Blades Invitational side.

Instead there was players choice, and it went to Mike Haspil for his amazing Knights of Titan army.

Mike had been working hard on this army leading up to Feast, both on the hobby and play-testing side. Fortunately he had a great play-test buddy in the form of second place finisher Kenny Boucher to square off against, and Mike’s no slouch when it comes to modeling either.

Shelving his customary Space Wolves he went to town on this army, and it really shows.  Check out this amazing Mordrak and ghost squad for starters!

Yep he even used the old circa 80’s Grey Knight models for ghosts. And that’s just for starters, take a look at the detailed banners Mike made for his Dreadnoughts.

He even made custom tokens and a name plate for his display board, WIN!

The rest of the army is below, take some time to click on all the pictures, it’s definitely worth it.

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