Conversion- Imperial Fists Vulcan “Counts As”

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Hello everyone! Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver.

Trying to fit my hobby into my really tight schedule these days so I decided to revisit one of my favorite conversions I did some time ago to use in my Imperial Fists Army.

I always wanted to try Vulcan in my army but I needed to make him a model that really fit in. Back when Forgeworld started messing around with Badab wars, they released this glorious model and it actually hit me that I should use it as a base to convert to an Imperial Fists version of Vulcan, mainly due to the bad ass mounted flamer that he has…!

Main problem I faced with the conversion was how on earth I would do the spear, but then along came MaxMini as always to solve my bits problems. The head is also from the MaxMini range of products and I think it fits nicely. The conversion is finished with some of the great Forgeworld photo etched fists that have proven so useful in the past too!

So after throwing some paint on him, the result is something like this;

The sad thing about him is that I can’t use him as an Imperial Fists count as anymore as with the new codex rumors you need to take the full army doctrines to use a special character from that Chapter… anyways I will just make him a badass Captain instead ­čśë

So tell me what you people think and maybe leave me a vote over CoolMiniOrNot !

Till next time, Take care!

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