New Space Marine Tactical Sprues Pics

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Well they say all good things must come to an end, and I guess for the Second Generation Space Marine Sprues that day has come.

Produced in 2005 I believe in conjunction with the Fourth Edition Space Marine codex, the Tactical Squad sprues that we all knew and loved for so many years, are going away.

Apparently they have been replaced with computer design assisted sprues that are pretty well stacked with components and flavor!

Personally I’m stoked what looks “DIY” combi bolters, and some sort of rumored grav tech.  Guess we’ll find out in less that a week!!!

Checkout the full story below, courtesy of BoLS

Today let’s look in detail at the Tactical and Sternguard sprues from the new plastic kits.  These will be the bread and butter for hobbyists for years to come.

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