Army Showcase- Grey Knights’ Orkquisition

By Rob Baer | October 6th, 2013 | Categories: Armies on Parade, Grey Knights, Orks

Welcome to Armies on Parade; Army Showcase where I display (in hopefully good detail) the best of the all great looking armies I’ve featured from major tournaments all across the United States.

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Orkquisition “Counts as” Grey Knights

Deff Kult Assassins x10 Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Deff Kult Assassins x10 Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Techmairne Rad Grenades, Psykotropes
Techmairne Rad Grenades, Psykotropes
Land Raider Crusader, Psybolts
Land Raider Crusader, Psybolts
Henchmen, Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts
Henchmen, Razorback Asst Cannon, Psybolts

As you can see the whole army has the Orky look and fee to it just like my Looted Imperial Guard. The Deff Kult Assassins are grots modeled with 2 power weapons, and mounted on cork bases to make them as tall as a normal model.

The vehicles are all “looted” and even the Independant Characters are “Orky”.

If you play this list you’ll want to put the assassins in the Land Raiders and wait till the last possible second to attack. When you do assault the combination of Psycotrope, Rad Grenades, and Hammerhands has the potential to wreck most squads, even pesky “death star” squads. 

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