Fantasy- Dark Elves Wave II on Advanced Order

By Rob Baer | October 27th, 2013 | Categories: Dark Elves, Game & Hobby Products, Warhammer Fantasy

The Dark Elves have just launched from their black arks, and boy do these models look amazing.

All across the world all the newest Warhammer Fantasy Models are now on sale!

Best part is, we’re selling them for our normal everyday discount of 20% OFF MSRP!
So get your orders in now, because if past releases were any indication, these guys may literally fly off the shelf (and not get restocked for awhile)…

Dark Elf Release

We are now taking orders for the new Dark Elves models below.  We recommend ordering your items as early as possible so that we can try to provide them for you from the first shipment we receive!

Dark Elves Warhost of Naggaroth BOX 
Dark Elves Har Ganeth Executioners/Black Guard BOX
Dark Elves Scourgerunner Chariot/Cold One Chariot BOX
Dark Elves Doomfire Warlocks/Dark Riders BOX

Dark Elves Black Ark Fleetmaster

Have you got the Wave One releases from October yet?

Warhammer: Dark Elves
Cauldron of Blood / Bloodwrack Shrine
Kharibdyss / War Hydra
Witch Elves / Sisters of Slaughter
Dreadspears / Darkshards / Bleakswords 


Yup it’s true, not only do we sell Games Workshop at 20% OFF MSRP everyday, we also have a great flat $6.95 shipping rate as well.

So are you still searching for an online seller to provide you with Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Miniatures from Games Workshop?

Well search no further, Spikeybits sells Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Models, for 20% off even, and has a great flat shipping rate in the US on all orders!

Want us to email you our Games Workshop Catalog? 

Click HERE to email us at ordergw@spikeybits.com , or call us at (804) 869-2487.

Our Mail Order Team is available at (804) 869-2487 from 8am to 10PM M-F and 12 Noon to 6PM SAT/SUN Eastern time in the US.

Keep in mind that while we have staff on hand until 10PM weekdays for mail order sales, they will not be able to help you with ORDER related issues.

Many people want to know why we don’t have Games Workshop products in our online shopping cart. The answer is simple: Games Workshop won’t let us. Games Workshop’s Policies have forced all US retailers to sell Games Workshop products without the benefit of an online shopping cart, including basics such as price and pictures of the products.

Spikey Bits strictly complies with the Games Workshop Internet policy.

However, we do have a store stocked full of Games Workshop products and the best part is we sell them everyday at 20% off Games Workshop US retail prices.

Give us a call on our order hotline and enjoy service and support that are second to none. Thanks for shopping Spikey Bits! -MBG

GW Order Hotline: (804) 869-2487

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