Next Level Blood Angels- Battle Report #4

Yo, Kenny from Next Level Painting here with my series of Battle Reports from the NOVA open.

You guys voted from me to play Blood Angels at that event over on the Forge the Narrative website, so here it is!

My opponent was playing Eldar+Dark Eldar, and a nasty combo at that.

He had the baron, and some venoms which were augmenting his primary force of a mixed arms eldar list. It includes warwalkers, wraith guard, wraith knight, crazy eldar flyer, wave serpent and some solid hqs.

The Deployment is “vanguard strike”
It is “night fight”and we are fighting over a bunch of objective markers as usual.
 Just some pic of my deployment, utilizing LOS blocking terrain as usual. I elect to go second and weather my oppants first two turns under the protection of “night fighting”

 After some shuffling of models on both sides we are about to roll for reserves and he lucks out and keeps his flyer off the table.

 He closes the castle up in order to utilize eldrads ability to pop a stealth bubble.
 I bring both ravens on and try to blast apart the venoms. The stealth trick pays off and i dont even scratch them.Mean while I bring on my razor back to make a play for the back field.

 My opponent manages to down a storm raven with his wraith cannons! I mange to use the center ruins for cover on my terminators and dread.

 I make a dash for the board edge with my super fast razor back, and begin my advance on the center field with assault troops.

 Mephiston positions himself to charge this wraith knight from cover in order to have a cover save if the wraith cannons land an over watch hit.

 The Storm raven lucks out and destroys both venoms.

 The terminator squad positions to charge the wraith guard with the furiosos dreadnaught

The Baron absorbed the furioso dreads attacks but the terminators drop about half the wraith guard.
Unfortunately the Baron has hit and run…..ooops

 Mephiston kills the wraith knight with his force weapon.

 These war walkers come on and shoot up my razor back.

 This horrible flyer vector danced its way to my dreads rear armor….oopps

 The terminators roll well on storm shield saves and accept the wraith guards charge and the unthinkable happens. The Baron fails his 2++ and then fails the re-roll from fortune. The squad looses hit and run and is stuck.
 My storm raven starts picking on the war walkers while my assault squads take good positions.

 This combat is winding down in the terminators favor.
 My opponent makes a play on the right flank but i am prepared for a counter play.

 My assault squad wrecks this serpent and contests the objective.

 These guys crush these bikers and claim an objective.

The war walkers suffer the wraith of the storm raven and mephiston mounts back up.


Game ends with the Blood angels owning 3 objectives to my opponents 1.

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