Sisters of Battle Get Name Change & Rumors

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Well it looks like all you Sisters of Battle players aren’t in Kansas anymore.

With this new digital update the Sisters of Battle seem to have officially become the Adepta Sororitas.

What does it all mean, well who knows…. But the new cover art is sure sweet, as well as the new re imagined “look” of the sisters (see below).

So what changes to the army would you like to see? -MBG

Coverage courtesy of BoLS

Games Workshop Digital Productions keeps cranking away…  Here’s the latest teaser on the Sisters of Battle codex.

I like the new look, not so overtly sexual – but still plenty of sass ­čÖé Note her older Mk.3 “Baal” Lipstick and the more modern Mk.8 “Errant” Bleach. The Emperor approves!
Still no specifics on what is in there, but the whispers in the air say:

-Redressed White Dwarf Codex
-Warlord Traits
-Point tweaks
-Rules tweaks for 6th Edition compliance

So in the end, if it has a decent pricepoint – why not.  It will be good to have the Sisters back on the tabletop with everybody else and stir up the Meta.  I miss the old girls, and everyone loves setting heretics on fire.  We can’t let the Salamanders have all the fun.

~What do you think?  Also shout outs for all the Sisters players out there!

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