There’s More Terrain in 40k Than You Think!

By Master Shake | October 7th, 2013 | Categories: Master Shake

Most people are unaware of exactly how many types of terrain there actually are in the Warhammer 40k main rulebook.

They seem to forget that there is a plethora of other types besides hills, ruins, and area terrain.   Let’s review a couple of the lesser known ones….

 Ammunition Dump: Any model within 12″ of an ammunition dump can reroll to shooting to hit rolls of 1 and provides a 5+ cover save.

Comms relay: Provides a 5+ cover save and allows a player with a model within 2″ inches reroll reserve rolls.

Fuel Reserve: Provides a 5+ save. After each successful save roll a dice. On a roll of one center the large blast marker over the model making the save. On a 1 place the large blast marker over the model making the save. All models touched by the blast suffer a S3 AP- hit…. the fuel barrels exploded! 

Imperial Statuary: Armies of the Imperium gain the fearless special rule while within 2″. If you’re behind it, you gain a 3+ cover save.

These are just a few of the terrain types that a rarely used that may spice up your game… check out pages 104-105 for more! -Master Shake

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