40k Flashback- Five Years of Adepticon Part 4 The Holy Gristle

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Hello everyone! Brandon here from GMM Studios with a little blast from the past, Adepticon style!

I have been going to Adepticon for five years now, with 2013 being the fifth consecutive.

I have made “Chicago” as it is know among those close to me into something of a personal test of will, creativity, and drive.

Every year I try to top or at least match the year before in not only creativity, but size, quality, and charm.  I tend to take 2 months or so from work and just pour myself into the project of the year right before the event.

This time we take a jump over to Fantasy and check out some silly kaniggits.  It’s only a model!

This year I decided to give Fantasy a try.  While of course I love modelling 40k, my Adepticon armies tended to sit unused because no one locally plays 40k.  There is however a big Fantasy scene, and I knew that game well enough too, so I went with it!

The display is modeled around a chopped up Ziterdes castle.  I chose to really weight the composition of the army to one corner and just have the castle be s huge backdrop that took up a large part of the display.

One of the big balancing acts of making a display, is choosing between looks and functionality.  If you want to display models on a part of your board, it really limits what you can do.  Choosing the right amount of purely decorative elements and balancing it with the size and spread of the army is a challenge but one of my favorite parts.  I enjoy pouring many hours over many weeks just deciding the placement of each unit.

The first model is of course the Black Knight!  Waving the Battle Standard of the Army… The model is based on a Tyrant, with a lot of modification and a putty banner.

King Arthur!  Probably my favorite model of the army, simply because I am proud of his Heraldry, a mixture of Monty Python’s Arthur heraldry and an Ogre gut plate.  The named knight models are all made of Finecast ogres that have been mixed up and swapped around.  Plus plenty of green stuff!

Lancelot and Sir Not Appearing in This Army round out the unit.  With a second rank of “ogres” bearing coconuts!

Sir Bedevere!  Each knight has some sort of heraldry close to the ones in the movie.

Sir Galahad – the smallest but he carries a big sword.

Sir Robin.  I was very happy with how his heraldry came out.

Once again the unit of 6 bulls was rounded out by 3 bases of coconut knockers.  Also, each unit very precisely locks together.  This is a thing I have come to both love and hate with Fantasy at this level of modeling.

Zoot and her handmaidens.  The characters each have a base behind them to fill out the unit.  So a unit of 6 bulls above would actually be 7 plus this character or the other.

The most obvious addition – Tim the Enchanter as a Firebelly.  This was not a cheap model.

Killer Rabbit, used as a Gorger.

The Holy Hand Grenade is a Scraplauncher.  This was a fun model to play with in the tournament. 

The core of the army leaved a lot to be desired, so I made a unit of Ironguts to add a little punch and another block.  It was also an excuse to make a bunch more big swords.

And last but certainly not least is the Trojan Rabbit!  Counting as a Stonehorn, the model is based on a modified Siege Tower with added scratch built head.

Well, that’s a wrap for this one!  I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for another, and the biggest army to date!

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