Another Meta Shift? Clan Raukaan Released

By Rob Baer | November 27th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Black Library just put out Clan Raukann the latest Space Marine Codex supplement and man we may have another meta breaker!

Unlimited combi-meltas, Eternal warrior/ FNP wargear, dreadnoughts and techmarines for everyone, this book is sure to shake things up once again… -MBG

BrotherChaplainGinn sent me this preview, and you know what I’ll be ordering tonight when I get home!

March of the Ancients, which is makes Dreads HSwithout needing a MotF
and you can take 2 techmarines for every HQ and 3 for every MotF.

The Mindforge Stave – Libbys only
S x2 AP2 Melee, concussive, force, Unwieldly

The Axe of Medusa
S +2 AP2 Melee, MC, Severing Strike, Unwieldly
-Severing strike 6 on To Hit rolls make the attack +4

Iron Stone
Friendly IH tanks and walkers with 6″ pass IWND on a 4+. 6s also
repair weapon destroyed or immobilized.

Betrayers Bane
MC Combi-Melta with unlimited melta.

Gorgon’s Chain – effects based on how many wounds the user has suffered
0 wounds suffered – 3++, +1 to FNP, EW
1 wound suffered – 3++, EW
2 wounds suffered – 3++
3 wounds suffered – 4++
-these are affected by IWND so regaining wounds makes it stronger again.

The Tempered Helm
Morale tests within 24″ use bearer’s Ld, 1 unit chosen each shooting
phase within 12″ can reroll To Hits of 1. Can be used even in in
building or vehicles.

Warlord Traits
1- Adept of the Omnissiah – Gain Blessing of the Omnissiah or re-roll
if they already have it
2- Fearless
3- +1 to FNP roll
4- Warlord and Clan Raukaan unit can auto-fail Morale checks
5- Warlord and firendly Raukaan with 12″ get Crusader USR
6- Warlord and Clan Raukaan unit can reroll To Hits of 1 in shooting phase

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