What is This? New Index Astartes Volume One

By Rob Baer | November 13th, 2013 | Categories: Index Astartes, News / Rumors, Space Marines

In the back of the Sentinels of Terra book, there is an ad for a new book coming out called Index Astartes Volume 1.

As many of you may remember GW put out four volumes of this book back in the early 2000’s that contained all the background they could muster on the first founding chapters, and brought us the the first hintings at actually Heresy Era fluff, plus gave backgrounds to chapters that had none.

The books also contained rules for those chapters that also need them, like the Iron Hands for instance (which copied the old 3rd edition Space Wolves rules), and copied over existing rules for other chapters like the Iron Warriors (Four Heavy Slots!!!).

They also contained the old articles on the Land Raider and Predator (with cut away view art), chaplains, termies, and the Deathwatch oh my!  There was even a special article written by Gram McNeil on Abaddon himself which was pretty neat.

The fluff itself however is somewhat out of date with what we have learned from all the Heresy novels and articles since.

For instance Corax was though to have died on Istvaan V, along with Vulkan for starters.  So there may be some holes to patch up with this new book.

So what will the newest volumes of this series bring us?

New rules for chaos, tons more updates to the fluff, or just an empty wallet?

Checkout my brief walk down memory lane where I dive more into the old Index Astates books HERE. -MBG

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