Hot Acrylic Templates & Wreck Markers

By Rob Baer | December 13th, 2013 | Categories: New Wargaming & Hobby Products

Have you seen this new hotness? A friend of Greenman Designs asked me to share this with everyone.

Greeman Designs is an American Business owned and operated by one of our very own real life Army Men! Josh Greenman is an American Solider, and supports our dreams and our gaming needs from engraving templates, tokens, counters and terrain or anything else you can imagine for your gaming needs!

Josh was one of the first to start using the Laser Cutting technique in order to make our game dreams become reality! This business has been steady and growing to fit your needs since 2010, he has over 32 colors to choose from and will work with you individually to create what you might not even know you want! 
AWESOME customizations and easy internet access, overnight mail if needed, and a business you can count on! 
X-Wing Templates have just been finished and posted for your purchases, check it out here
Plus if you find what you want but it’s the wrong color let them know they will make it YOUR color! 
So if you want a business to get your specific needs met open a dialog by emailing them! Happy gaming!

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