Horus Lupercal – First Son of the Imperium

General. Liberator. Conqueror. First Son of the Imperium. Horus Lupercal.

This pict capture (recovered from a routine data sweep of Imperial records, Terra) shows the Heretical Primarch Horus leading his forces at Ullanor. The Ullanor Crusade marked the largest war undertaking in Imperial History toppling the Xenos Ork empire; safeguarding the future of Humanity amongst the stars.


(From right to left) Ezekyle Abaddon, Horus Lupercal, Garviel Loken, Torgeddon. 

The Truimph of Ullanor
Myles here from Lil’ Loser Studios with a look at a Horus, first among equals.  What can I say about Horus that hasn’t been said before? He’s Alexander. He’s Hannibal and Churchill. He’s the man. No other character draws the imagination in the entire cannon of the 40K universe. 
For the painting I wanted Horus to have cleaner, brighter armour than his sons draped with a deep imperial red cloak. The symbol of the eye, Horus’ personal heraldic device, stands above the imperial eagle dwarfing it in size. The eye symbol is prominent on this model, even over shadowing the legion symbol of the wolf and moon. Although this character was created to display Horus as an exemplar of Imperial virtue I couldn’t help put little hints like this in to remind us of his immense arrogance and hubris. 

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