Staying Classy – Adepticon 2014 Wrap Up

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Another Adepticon has come and gone, but this one will always have a special home here on Spikey Bits under the label 2014 Adepticon Event Coverage.

That’s right, it’s you can use that little link to checkout all of our Adepticon 2014 convention coverage articles from over the weekend!

We took over six gigs of pictures at the event, and will have some great army features for you in the next few weeks as well!

Keep in mind guys these are all raw pictures with no editing (so there maybe some bad ones in here), but there are a ton of good ones too!

Besides covering the event and recording a few episodes of Forge the Narrative, we played in the Team Tournament, as well as the 40k Exterminatus “all in” tournament!

I even managed to place 2nd and nab the “Warmaster” trophy from that event as well! So be sure to checkout all the posts from the event here; 2014 Adepticon Event Coverage anytime! -MBG

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